Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buffetts "Build Your Dream" In China???

Here are some interesting links...

Did Warren
Buffett say he did not  invest in technology?  Well electric cars are certainly technology maybe nothing new but building and selling these vehicles on a wide scale is picking up steam. Berkshire Hathaway's(BRKA,BRKB)  subsidiary MidAmerican Energy Holdings owns a 10% stake in this "Dream"

The Wall Street Journal reported  that U.S. Firms Join Forces to Build Car Batteries

With rising fuel cost companies are looking for other alternatives in the car industry and 
Buffett is seemingly taking the cheaper route by investing in an established company.

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  1. I think when Warren Buffet said that he did not invest in technology, me meant that he didn't think it was of his nature to invest in a company who's sole proposition is around that of intellectual property, aka, software patents. Building batteries may have to do with technology, but you are still investing in very real products in the manafacturing sector. Maybe I will be suprise if Warren Buffet invests in a biotech startup company.