Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Off Shoot Of Buffett's Partnership: The Sequoia Fund

Here is an interesting link on The Sequoia Fund. Sequoia is a value oriented mutual fund managed by Ruane, Cunniff, & Goldfarb. The Seqouia Fund $SEQUX has a large number of companies in their portfolio however Sequoia concentrates a large percentage of its dollars to a hand full of companies. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway $BRKA, $BRKB currently is their largest holding followed by Martin Marietta Materials $MLM, Fastenal $FAST, IDEXX Labs $IDXX, and Mohawk Industries $MHK. Sequoia has an excellent track record stretching back to 1970. The Sequoia Fund is not really an off shoot of Berkshire Hathaway, however they have a long history together. Bill Ruanne who was the founder of the fund was one of a small group of investors along with Warren Buffett that trace their roots back to the Father of Security Analysis Ben Graham. It seems back in 1969 Buffet ended his Buffett Partnership after a 13 year run. Buffett steered his partners over to Ruane who in turn started the Sequoia Fund. The Fund was closed off to new investors for 26 years and reopened in 2008.

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