Wednesday, September 9, 2009

4 Stocks With Rising Dividend$

Below is a screen I ran this morning on dividend stocks. This screen seeks to identify quality companies that have a history of good dividend growth and that also have an additional kicker: their shares are sporting above-average yields. All four are ranked A or better by Standard & Poor's Investor service. All four have grown their dividends at double digits over the last 5 years.

The Strategy for owning/investing in dividend stocks

Cash dividends are tangible. They can't be fabricated, or falsified, or manipulated. Over time, dividends are a true record of a company's performance. They can also represent a significant proportion of an investment's total return. Since 1926, dividends have accounted for almost 42% of the total return (capital appreciation plus reinvested dividends) of the S&P 500. The attraction of a safe, secure dividend, moreover, will help to support and cushion a stock when the market is going through bad times and is under downward pressure.

Company NameTicker SymbolS&P Rank (earnings/div. rank)Dividend YieldDividend Growth Rate(5 yr avg)Trailing P/ECurrent Ratio
VF CorpVFCA3.4%17.81%14.92.3
Johnson & JohnsonJNJA+3.24%11.45%13.41.8
Sysco CorpSYY
Emerson Elec CoEMRA3.47%10.53%15.61.5

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