Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Dhandho Investor Sells Ternium, Buys Capital Source!

Mohnish Pabrai aka the Dhandho Investor just released his 13F-HR filings seen here. Pabrai exited out of all of his Ternium ($TX) position. He had this in his portfolio since August 2007 quarterly filing. Pabrai started a new position in Capital Source ($CSE). Pabrai usually has around 15-20 different stocks in the portfolio. As of his latest filing Potash Corp ($POT) and Teck Cominco look to be his two largest holdings.

Pabrai made somewhat of a name for himself between 1999 and 2007 when he racked up returns that far outpaced the market. But as 2008 rolled in, the Pabrai Funds rolled over with the market taking a pretty big hit. However over the last year the Pabrai funds have enjoyed a nice move up along with the market but well out pacing it.

Mohnish Pabrai runs a group of partnership funds based on Warren Buffett's original Buffett Partnership Fund which existed between 1956-1969.

Author currently has NO positions in the issues mentioned


  1. POT is going to be a longer term investment I think before seeing significant return... Teck has done great for me since March 2009.

  2. It looks like Pabrai started his position in POT at end of '08 or beginning of '09 where the stock was trading between 50's-80's He has since doubled his stake but could have gotten in as high as 100 teens so hard to say how much % he is up on position

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