Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lampert's Sears Holdings Unlocking Some Value

It Looks like Eddie Lampert is unlocking some of Sears Holdings ($SHLD) value. What value? For most onlookers Sears is nothing but a washed up retailer, playing second fiddle to the likes of WalMart ($WMT) and Target ($TGT). But too the value investor their is a different story. For those not familiar with Eddie Lampert, he is the acting CEO of Sears Holdings and a Hedge Fund manager with over 20 years of successful investing experience. When Lampert took hold of Sears via Kmart and merged the two earlier this decade most hailed Lampert as the stock climbed to new heights. But over the last few years in one of the worst economy's since the Great Depression most have grown impatient wondering when and what he will do.

The Value that I was referring to is the DieHard battery brand which is owned by Sears and was exclusively sold only through Sears outlets. However now Sears will start selling DieHard through other retailing outlets (read here). This gives Sears another channel which could equate to more dollars down the line. Remember that Sears holds other brands that could later be sold through other retailers. Brands such as Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliance, and Lands End.

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