Sunday, January 25, 2009

Billionaire Eddie Lamperts Sears Has More Ideas In-store!

I have written several articles over the past several months on Sears Holdings(SHLD) and the man at the helm Mr. Eddie Lampert. Sears as many of you already know is a large American retailer that has been a part of our landscape for over a century. Mr Lampert has been running the show their for the last few years. Shortly after Lampert took over running the company the stock price ran up like a rocket ship, he was hailed as a hero, but since the bad turn in the economy, he has been given a lot of flack. Many critics have said that Lampert and Sears are washed up and that WalMart(WMT) and Target(TGT) are the retailers with a future. I think not, Lampert is taking this opportunity to try new ideas .....

Does the Internet play a role? 

Will Eddie leverage his Real Estate holdings in Sears for new concepts?

Will he sell some of Sears other brand names through other distribution channels ? After all he is the biggest shareholder in AutoZone(AZO) and AutoNation(AN)

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