Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eddie Lampert Pulls A Coup d'etat Over Other Retailers!

It looks like Eddie and his
Sears Holding(SHLD) company are showing some adversity in front of other retailers and the economic down turn. Lampert has been criticised over the last year for NOT selling off real estate and NOT plowing gobs of cash back into its retail operations. It seems that the public and Wall Street just don't get it. While the ones that have followed his career path take a different view. Of course only time will tell if things will work out, Sears (SHLD) saw its shares rally as much as 23% Thursday as the owner of Sears and Kmart gave a surprisingly strong profit forecast. The rosier outlook follows Kmart's improved performance through the holidays . It seems while the industry leader WalMart(WMT) enjoyed a good year Sears continued to be sold off, however since its November low it has almost doubled from $26.80. while closing today near $50.00 per share.

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