Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roundtable Experts You Decide

This weeks Barron's has an article on whats in store for our economy. Barron's went all out by bringing in 10 experts to talk about whats in store for the next few years. The Roundtable discussion did not sound to optimistic  for the future, unless you are a stockpicker or trader. Their predictions range from $2000 oz. gold, inflation,a collapse in the U.S. Dollar and a new low in the stock market. So much for reading the newspaper. There are some smart people on the panel, but can they really see the future any better than you and I, Heck No! What are the answers then? Could Gold go to $2000 oz., well sure it can, but keep in mind it is a commodity, a commodity that is more admired for looks. Read more from the Roundtable Experts. You decide.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the article.
    There are some great insights from the panel.

    Rendell @ The Brandless Blog

  2. Hello Rendell

    Yes, their are some great insights from this panel however I think investors big/small need to start questioning more and doing own research, and not just follow experts, just my two cents.