Monday, October 13, 2008

Buffett vs. Cramer Time to Buy or Sell: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance

Buffett vs. Cramer Time to Buy or Sell: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance: "Buffett vs. Cramer: Time to Buy or Sell?
Posted Oct 06, 2008 07:56pm EDT by Aaron Task in Investing, Newsmakers
Two of the most storied investors in modern finance are squaring off as the market gyrates.
On the one hand, legendary investor Warren Buffett has invested billions recently with investments in GE, Goldman Sachs and Constellation Energy, among others.
On the other hand, former hedge fund titan and market pundit Jim Cramer made a remarkable 'sell stocks if you need the money within the next 5 years' declaration on NBC's 'The Today Show' Monday morning.
The question for investors is which guru to follow? At the Value Investing Congress in New York Monday the answer was clear: Buffett. Value investors are licking their chops at opportunities to invest in quality stocks, including Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, they believe are trading at incredibly attractive levels, as detailed in the accompanying video. (Meanwhile, Henry Blodget sees tremendous value in Apple.)
While it's fun to pair them off, the reality is Buffett might actually agree with Cramer about the next five years; it's unknown but pretty certain Buffett is thinking far beyond that time-frame. The Oracle of Omaha is the ultimate long-term investor, having famously describing his favorite holding period as 'forever.'"

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