Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Few More Ben Graham Nuggets

  • These stocks come very close to meeting Ben Grahams criteria:

    All issues mentioned have a current ratio better than 1.5, a book value under 1.5, a p/e ratio under 15, positive eps growth over last 5 years, very low or no debt, and pay a dividend. 8 out of 10 companies have earned money for last 10 years straight while 2 companies have been positive for at least 8 of those 10.

    Abercrombie (ANF)- A specialty retailer catering towards the younger crowd. This one surprised me to be on this list. Has a high ROE that has averaged over 30+ % for last 10 years.

    Ashland Inc.(ASH)- A well run diversified chemical company trading at a sales ratio of .17 and 43% of book value.

    Bel Fuse(BELFB)- Manufacturers electronic components trading at 2x cash.

    Movado(MOV)- Another retailer that manufacturers and markets fine watches and jewelry.

    Nam Thai Electronics(NTE)- Electronics company that has increased cash flow over last 6 years straight. Value investors the Kahn Brothers (Irving Kahn served as teaching assistant to Ben Graham in the 1930's) have stake in company.

    Seaboard(SEB)- Insiders own 72% as well as the Kahn Brothers.

    Thor Industries(THO)- The largest manufacturer of recreation vehicles and a major builder of small buses. Insiders own 36%.

    These are not recomendations but ideas to further study before investing


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