Friday, October 24, 2008

Missed Opportunity? and The Intelligent Investor

Stocks ended lower for the week with a global sell off. Once again the herd ran for the doors not wanting anything to do with stocks. Fear has set in and no telling when good times will return. But for the intelligent investor these are good times. This is when that simple saying comes into play "Buy Low and Sell High". Are we even at the low, who knows? Stocks have been routed across the board. Will we go lower??? Next week will show more of the puzzle.

The intelligent investor views this mess, crisis, or recession as an opportunity to by good companies at a good price. Where many investors are selling out, waiting for the storm to subside. I have got news for you, when the storm settles, chances are the market will be higher,then it will be to late.I hear plenty of people say I'll wait until we turn back up before jumping back end. That's when you miss the chance of making the big returns that Warren Buffet, Eddie Lampert, and Marty Whitman have made for themselves and their shareholders for years.

Your thoughts?


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