Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Cash Rich Insurer: Odyssey Re

Odyssey Re (ORH) is a leading reinsurance underwriter that provides property and casualty insurance as well as specialty insurance. Odysseys biggest shareholder is Fairfax Financial which I talked about in a previous post. Fairfax holds 66% of the outstanding common shares. Currently ORH has a market cap of 2.5 billion and its revenues are 3.2 billion. Total cash on hand is 2.5 billion, which means it only trades for 1 x cash. Very little debt with a debt/equity ratio of .18. ORH sports a 27% REO(return on equity). They pay a small dividend which yields .70% which was recently raised. With so much in cash and backing from Fairfax, Odyssey looks to be in a strong position to weather out the current financial crisis.

Author does not hold any position.

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