Friday, November 7, 2008

Has Your IRA Turned Into A IRL?

Has your IRA(individual retirement account) turned into a IRL(individual retirement loss). Well you are not alone. Just about everyone that owns a stock or mutual fund is suffering. With markets getting taken down to new lows day by day whats a investor to do. First take a deep breath, don't panic it's not the end of the world.However many people would like you to think it is. Even if it was you would not need the money where your going, unless the MASTER CREATOR takes worthless stock certificates. Remember folks an IRA is for your retirement and it is a long term commitment, although many people do not practice this. They trade in and out of the markets. When things are going good and the market is sailing on high water everyone is in a good mood. People are in a buying mood, chasing the high prices or high valuations but when the markets go down during low tide everyone is jumping ship and throwing their securities overboard. This is the time to accumulate for the long term, because when good times roll around and they will your ship will be sailing in some mighty rich waters.

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