Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Do I Put My Money???

With the stock market going lower and lower every day and foreclosure rates on the rise what are we suppose to do? Everyone is worried, the poor, the middle class and even the rich, Oh Ya I said the rich. You see the Baby boom generation and their children have simply not experienced the situation that we are in. Everyone says its different this time. Yes their right it is different. That is different in our lifetimes, but not if you look back in history. This is like a 100 year flood and the last one that occurred was in the 1930's. Is it that bad? Yes. Will it get worse? That's any ones guess. On a brighter note some of the biggest opportunities have come during recessed or depressed times. For example, Hewlett Packard(HPQ) one the largest computer and technology companies was started during the Great Depression as well as Walt Disney(DIS) and Steak'n Shake(sns). Lets also look at how cheap rates are now. The 10 year treasury yielding roughly 3.5%, Money Markets and CD's paying 3-4.5%. Inflation and taxes are going to eat into these low returns. Where then do you put your money? You guessed it Stocks, Real Estate, or starting your own business. Even Warren Buffet said he is a buyer of stocks right now. Why invest in the government, which is what you are doing when you buy treasury's. Put it in to free enterprise, which is common stocks (companies), land and ones own business.

Your Thoughts?


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